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PV Inverter

PV Inverter

OCI Power provides reliable and robust PV inverters to customer, producing at Gunsan, Korea site.
With the Korea first technology, Central inverter for DC 1500V is developed and worked on.
From string to central inverters, complete PV solutions in a form of vertical line supports you.

Strength of
OCI Power Inverters

High Reliability

First in Asia inhering new German FRT, grid-connected regulation, and high-quality components with BDEW certification

Verified Efficiency

Highest efficiency in the world (98.7%) verified by Bureau Veritas

Excellent Durability

Increased fan life expectancy up to 20 years and efficiency through fan speed control

Powerful, User-friendly Interface

Design for convenient user interface and remote monitoring

Real Time Technical Support

Real time responding teams are always stand by for any maintenance activities


San Antonio, Texas 600MW 2.5MW

Yeong-gwang, Korea, 11MW

Jeon-nam, Korea, 8MW

Dae-jeon, Korea, 11MW

O-chang/Gu-mi, Korea, 6MW

Se-jong, Korea, 5.9MW

Seoul, Korea, 2.5MW

Dang-jin, Korea, 2.3MW

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